Delivered from the elements

I walked down to Buckman this morning listening to “Skylarking” by XTC.

Just as “Ballet for a Rainy Day” started, the sun broke out from the clouds.

3 Responses to “Delivered from the elements”

  1. M1EK Says:

    That’s the one I own. And I’ve since regretted not just buying the CD-single of “Dear God”, assuming it ever existed. Please don’t listen to sleep-inducing NOT RAWK while walking; the world can’t stand to lose you to another XTC-related pedestrian fatality.

  2. Steve Says:

    M13K: So what music do you actually *like*, dude?

  3. M1EK Says:


    The SXSW 2005 and 2006 torrents have been most of what I’ve been listening to lately, since I no longer get to actually buy music. One guy that I discovered from that route who is non-RAWK enough that you might like is this BC Camplight dude (and bonus: his 3 or 4 free songs on his website are by far the best ones off his album, which I did buy with my annual gift certificate).

    Those big mp3 blobs are highly recommended – you know you’re getting the song that each band thought was their best, since they’re trying desperately to get some A&R guy to show up to their showcase….

    let me know if you need a link.

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