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What a month…

May 28, 2006

Yesterday was the first day in the month of May on which I was neither sick nor at work.

Do I need to tell you how good it felt?


In-store music just keeps getting cooler

May 25, 2006

I was picking up dinner this evening, and what was playing over the PA? “Anytime” by Neil Finn.

Yes. “Anytime” by Neil Finn. At a fast food place. And not one of those cool Portland joints, either.

When did mainstream stores start playing album cuts from great albums no one bought? Can I vote somewhere that that trend continue?

Undermining your case

May 23, 2006

In a recent post, Ross Douthat at The American Scene asks his readers to accept (without evidence) his characterization of the new book by Ramesh Ponnuru as smart and worthy of serious debate.

Douthat begins his post with a series of questionable presumptions about people who disagree with him. He distorts Jon Stewart’s interview of Ponnuru. He expresses his “genuine curiosity” about the views of people he insults and belittles throughout his post.

All of which makes me wonder why I should accept Douthat’s word about what is smart and serious.

The book itself? It was written by a writer for the National Review (granted, he is their best writer) and is published by Regnery Publishing. The book’s jacket copy begins with:

Is the Democratic Party the “Party of Death”?

If you look at their agenda they are.

In any given year, more than 100,000 titles are published in the English language. If I were to read two books a week, and limited my reading to books published within the year, I would be able to read only 1 in 1,000 of those titles.

Why in the world would I waste my time with a book that seems so unpromising?

Sorry, Ross. I think I’ll pass.

Cottonmouth Steve

May 18, 2006

I took NyQuil to go to sleep Tuesday night and DayQuil to go to work Wednesday morning. Having then sensibly given up the idea of returning to work again this week, I weaned myself off the ‘Quil over the course of four hours last night.

I thought I knew what cottonmouth was. O, how young and naïve I was, 20 long hours ago!

Every hangover I have ever had rolled into one would not have prepared me for having my palate and tongue turn to gauze. I kept expecting to hear a dentist’s drill. It would have been a good time for it: I certainly couldn’t feel anything.

On the other hand, I feel so good by comparison this afternoon.

Lame Dub

May 18, 2006

From an analysis by

But what is apparent, is that George Bush has at his disposal none — none — of the tools presidents have used to turn bad situations around: public support, party support or skilled statecraft. He’s a lame duck less than two years in to his second term. You are not being governed.

(Link courtesy of Political Wire.)

Laid up again

May 14, 2006

A second weekend in a row lost to illness.

The toughest thing about having the flu is the dreams. If you spend enough time asleep, your mind runs out of things to dream about. Instead of a dream like a film, you get a dream like the thwap-thwap-thwap of a film that’s run out on the projector.

Staying consistent

May 9, 2006

If a library were going to stock this book, wouldn’t it be wrong somehow to charge an overdue fee on someone who returned it late?

Salmon Street Green

May 8, 2006

View of my backyard and houses on Salmon Street
(taken from my bedroom window)

Home sick today, bundled up and working on my PCC homework.

At least I have a nice view from my desk.

Collegiate in-breeding

May 7, 2006

Forty-six years before John Negroponte forced Porter Goss out as DCI, the two were fraternity brothers at Yale.

Voting for sheriff

May 7, 2006

Jack Bogdanski and the Willamette Week are both supporting the write-in of Paul Van Orden for county sheriff in this month’s election.

I might have written in Van Orden if I had heard about the effort before I mailed in my ballot. If I were to have written anyone in, though, it would have been hard not to have tried to bring back a former Multnomah County sheriff.