Stephen Colbert vs. the White House correspondents

I enjoy Stephen Colbert’s work, but I was ambivalent about his appearance this weekend at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

On the one hand, Noam Scheiber is right to note that much of Colbert’s talk was repeated from old Colbert Report episodes and that much of it just wasn’t funny.

On the other hand, Steve Gilliard is right to say that it was refreshing to see the President confronted with real satire.

Colbert’s presentation was worth watching, and I compliment him on his huevos grandes, but the insincerity of his professed admiration of Bush was too transparent. Of course everyone knew the admiration was a put-on, but we usually know that about acting. Colbert’s irony needed a plausible actor to deliver it, and Colbert didn’t come through.

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