Salmon Street Green

View of my backyard and houses on Salmon Street
(taken from my bedroom window)

Home sick today, bundled up and working on my PCC homework.

At least I have a nice view from my desk.

2 Responses to “Salmon Street Green”

  1. M1EK Says:

    Those are kinda small trees for the northwest. Or are they big bushes?

    I get to look up my driveway through trees/greenery at the UT students (and others) walking by on the sidewalk all day. Beats my former view of my cow orkers’ cubicles…

    (I have some grass right now too in the foreground area, but by June it all withers up and dies).

  2. Jim Weeks Says:

    Hey Csabjork.. just did a drive by, nice picture.. imagine my suprise that it cloudy there. Its 197degrees here in Austin today.. you’d love it.



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