And1 in Portland

A year ago, I was sitting in a motel room in Ogden, Utah, on my way from Houston to Portland. I turned on the television, flipped to the sports channels, and started watching a program on the Deuce about a basketball team called And1 that travelled from city to city, taking on a pick-up team of the best local players at every stop. The Deuce had a marathon of the show that night, so I ended up ordering a pizza and watching four or five shows in a row.

I have watched the show only a couple of times since then, but I remembered it well enough to be taken aback when I saw the And1 players milling around outside the Finish Line shoe store in the Lloyd Center yesterday. They are playing tonight at the Rose Garden, but, unfortunately, it’s on a work night and there are other things I do on Sunday evenings.

(By the way: Saying The Professor is 5-foot-10 turns out to be generous.)

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