World Cup semi-final games

Two great semi-final games this week in the World Cup.

Italy-Germany was scoreless until the 118th minute, but Italy was clearly the better team for most of the match. If Germany could have scored during the first 20 minutes, I believe they would have won 1-0. But the longer the Germans went without scoring, the more the Italians caught up, surpassed, and finally dominated the home side. The Germans seemed to be hoping to hang on at the end for penalty kicks, but Italy scored two spectacular goals to put it away.

As well as the Italians played, though, I pick the French to win on Sunday. Les Vieux’ performance against Portugal, like the ones against Brazil and Spain, was a combination of beauty and technique, unleashed on one of the best soccer sides in the world. The striking was weaker than it had been against Brazil and Spain, but the ball-handling, passing, and defense were stellar. If the French can play that way one more time, the Italians simply won’t be able to compete.

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