An e-mail to Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR)

Dear Senator Smith,

I was a Republican from the early ’80s until 2003, and I’m sad to say that I agree with this assessment someone wrote yesterday:

“The modern GOP — or, more specifically, the axis of ’70s campus Republicans now running it — really is just a criminal enterprise disguised as a political party.

“Dirty tricks, large and small, are a sorry fact of life in American politics, but what the Republicans have done over the past few weeks — the surrealist attack ads, the forged endorsements, the midnight robo calls, the arrest threats, the voter misinformation (did you know your polling station has been moved?) — is sui generis, at least at the national level.”

I hope, Senator Smith, that you want to play a role in cleaning up the GOP. I have been horrified with what I have seen during this election campaign.

/s/ Steve Casburn

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