The last all-nighter?

I was at KBOO all afternoon and evening working on the election night coverage, and I have to go to the airport at dawn, so I decided to stay up all night. (One advantage to being decaffeinated: Coffee is highly effective when I do drink it.)

And I wonder now whether this night will be my last all-nighter. I used to do them frequently, but I have little reason to anymore. Besides, I’m 36, and the physical toll of an all-nighter affects me more now than it once did. And I have become (of all things!) a morning person.

Still, though, it is strange to think back to when I was in graduate school and did three or four all-nighters a week (fueled by my daily three-liter bottle of Diet Coke); then come forward to the present day, and realize that I am still the same person I was — I answer to the same name and inhabit the same body — yet I am no longer that person in so many ways, and could never be him again, even if I wanted to be.

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